Zimbooz is the choicest real estate company in Nigeria with a robust real estate community village. Our company is dedicated to empowering people with the required information, guidance and knowledge around their sphere of contact, and connecting them with the best satellite professionals who can help. Our company provide buyers, sellers and renters of homes and properties the platform to interact and carryout transactions.

Our real estate company also offer variety of services ranging through Agent support, property development, property management,relocation consultancy,survey,property registration and verification.

We are committed to helping people discover a place where they will love to live, feel more secured and connected to the community.

Our consultancy service guarantees a successful investment in this business space.We understand the Nigerian Real Estate market landscape and with our wealth of experience and painstaking research on this sector, you are guaranteed returns on your investment.

We pay attention to location, the right entry capital and execution.Our research points us to the exact area the next Real Estate boom is going to take place five years ahead of time giving us the required edge that is needed for success in this market space.

With our professionals steering the wheel, your investment(s) is a guaranteed success.

Zimbooz is the leading real estate agency in the eastern Nigeria  and owned by Icorp Global Partners Limited.