Our Services

Agent Support

Our agent support services are for users who want extra protection in every transaction on this platform.

We act as a 3rd party in property sales and purchase thereby ensuring scam free transactions.

Our agents also offer support in finding and purchase of house and landed properties. Acting as your proxy, we make sure that nothing goes wrong in our facilitated transactions

Property Management

We look after your properties in any part of Nigeria.This includes overseeing the affairs of your property renting, sale, improvement and maintenance.We also offer services in property valuation; evaluating and fixing the right price for your properties.


Site Monitoring and Inspection

At zimbooz, we consider the need for owners of buildings who have entrusted their resources in the hands of builders, friends and family to be given authentic feedback on the progress of work on their building sites. For this reason, we offer site monitoring and inspection services to clients who wish  to be kept in the loop by professionals on the true situation of their sites in their absence. Cost of Site Inspection and Monitoring per month is One hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N150,000). Site will be visited four times every month with picture and video report.

Property Development

We plan and build within your budget.Let’s help you actualize your dream of owning a house with your budget.Our professionals are the best in estimation and building with the goal of delivering  you a choice home within your budget. We also offer independent planning and budgeting.In this case,our professionals provides the perfect estimation on your proposed building project and steps to accomplish it within your timeline and your budget without direct involvement in  project.


Relocation Consultant

Location is everything, for that reason our professionals helps you in decision making  as to the suitable place for you.We take into consideration the neighbourhood, your budget,Power supply, Transportation and accessibility.


Land Survey

Have a land that you need surveyed? Don’t worry, let our experienced surveyors help you. We are trustworthy and we deliver at record time. Price per plot of land is seventy five thousand Naira (N75,000).


Land Registration/Document Verification

Registering your land and verifying the legitimacy of property documents before purchase could be very stressful. Cost for property document verification is Fifty thousand Naira ( N50,000). Land registration depends on the state of origin and therefore does not have fixed price.


Real Estate Consultant

Thinking about investing in Nigeria Real Estate market but do not know where to start? Don’t worry our experts have got you covered.

We understand the Nigerian Real Estate market landscape and with our wealth of experience and robust research of this sector you are guaranteed a profitable investment.

We pay attention to location, the right entry capital and execution.Our research points us to the exact area the next Real Estate boom is going to take place five years ahead of time giving us the required edge that is needed in this market space.

With our professionals steering the wheel, your investment(s) is a guaranteed success.